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Altered Light

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Excepts from “Altered Light”

This excepts is taken from Naomi’s  Memoir- “Altered Light”

Nothing about my life was easy, in fact, I believe I was created to suffer, accept, and love, and try to understand the lesson in them in the process. 

How is it possible for a girl like me to see the bigger picture ..through a bunch of symbols of pain related lessons?

I was told to never question the adversary, instead fight and fight, until he’s defeated.
  • Never complain in the combat, but see the end result you desire.
  • Understand the rules of the game, use the given tools wisely and skillfully.
  • Never trust what you assume to be true, the truth will always be revealed.
  • Keep a “Can Do & Will Win” Attitude at all times.
  • Don’t give up no matter how bad things may look
  • Remember No Weapon Form Against You Shall Prosper!

Yea, I wish it was that easy. 

Yea, it sounds so easy, but when you’re in an intense battle, your opponent always seem better equipped and much bigger than you envision, so initially you first thought may be to flee, STAND!

Especially, when you know the adversary knows things about me that can mess me up emotionally speaking, he knows my weakness stemming from my family line, he plays an unfair game, he obtained cheat cards by retracing  past – documenting my generation mishaps, struggles, sins, weakness, failures, fears, issues and strongholds. He compares all my mistakes, and choices against the things my parents did before I was even born.

How unfair is that?

He tries to exploit my weakness and bring distractions in effort to stop progression. He’s so cunning he knows a distraction will cause me to stop and check out what’s the distraction purpose and marvel over how appealing the distraction is. Most of the time the distraction is something I like, need (fleshly) the distraction is only there to hinder movement.

His goal in sending a distraction is to keep me bond to what it is my flesh desires oppose to my spiritual man (the greater me) in hopes I spend so much time trying to understand the answers to the many unanswered questions instead of realizing the book is already written..

Though I currently reside within a moment of time — The “Here & Now” 

The outcome of my life has already been written, my story is complete I’m only walking through the process learning, sharing, and growing.
It’s clearly evident – I’m the winner.

An interesting fact to all this is,
  • I must realize the truth
  • The truth lives inside me & guides me
  • I’m nothing without knowing the truth and what the truth has done for me
The one lie  (the adversary) wants me to believe is:
  • I will never succeed
  • I will never overcome
  • I have no power and or authority

Wait a minute…
— He’s a liar...
I already won!!!!!!!

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  1. You are incredible, unique and quite interesting as a author, poet, and lady!


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