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Welcome to Naomi’s Web Site. My site will displays many facets of the woman that I am.  My Site will share my thoughts, dreams, triumphs, successes, failures, in hopes to encourage, enlighten, inspire others. I been around long enough to know this universal/spiritual law is true at some point in life we receive what we give out. If we sow love, love will return to us, if we sow harmony, then peace and harmony is ours, if we sow blessings in the form of $$$ we will receive 100 fold on her investment what’ given out. If we sow encouragement/positivity look for it to come back  in abundance, however if we sow discord, hate, jealousy, deception, envy, fakeness, look for that to come to you through so unknown means, during a time you forgot about it, someone or something will interrupt your so-called happiness or state of bliss.


I’m an optimistic woman with many goals, talents, gifts, and abilities God has bestowed upon me, with the objective to share and spread love across the globe. A lot of times I’m misunderstand and misinterpret simply because of what folks think they know to be true, which is usually far from it. I’m a humble soul in search of love, peace, spiritual elevations. I paid many dues in the form of life’s lesson, I made some bad choices and had to reap the repercussions of such actions. I decided to probe deeper into the unknown in hopes to discover man’s true purpose and to understand the different realms of this world.


She’s a woman who walks alone, she uses wisdom and discernment to see into the hearts of many. God has blessed Mz. Neicy with keen perception and tremendous insight into the hearts of people.  Her sheer focus and clear clarity has allowed her to see who’s for her and who’s against her.  Naomi realizes to whom much is given much is required, the fight wasn’t easy, she bare many scars from fierce battles. She’s a warrior, a pioneer, a fighter, a leader, a creative soul, a writer, a poet, a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, an aunt, and a soldier for Christ.  Naomi’s has one objective and that is to achieve the impossible with her witty and sharp mind. This woman has suffered many loses, but recovered, been abandon at an early age by her mother, and sisters, left to stand a lone in this harsh and cruel world.


Though she didn’t fully understand God’s true purpose regarding her life, she learn from the tender age of 6 to trust and lean on Him after being abandon and force to grow up alone, you learn to depend on something much greater. She overcome peer pressures had to make adult decisions at an early age, her life was headed down a spiral of unforeseen destruction, until the Creator send one man into her life it was then her life changed for the better. 


Naomi coy and quiet disposition was used against her, she had to over come self esteem issues, communication problems, she had to learn how to become the strong woman she is told, by the only teacher she would ever have “GOD”. He sent different people into her life at varies times to teach, guide and encourage her. Their words pushed her into her destiny.  Naomi begun a self renewal process he had to rebuild herself, she begin to research, teach her self through self help books, she took personal classes in effort to help her to overcome her greatest enemy( self) when she finally understood the fact that nothing in her life was/would ever be easy she would have to fight or give up, she decided she would fight until her last breath to overcome life’s greatest obstacles.


Naomi is working on a MEMOIR about her life and how the many painful, tragic events were allowed to enhance and build her into a woman of power, strength, purpose, and virtue.  This site will reveal the many sides to Naomi beautiful and warm personality join her on her personal journey of discovery.


Check back often this page is subject to change often.


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  1. hey its me Terrence from tagged…you informed me to contact u here…are u there


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