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The 17 Day Diet Weight Loss Journey

The 17 Day Diet Weight Loss Journey

I’m currently on the “17 Day Diet” in effort to lose much needed weight. I started this weight loss journey on February 11, 2013.

So far I’ve lost 20+ pounds, this is a slow process, you can’t rush a good thing. I will be posting pictures, tips, and updates. I’ve created a weight lost channel on YouTube going over my results, challenges, and updates. Check back often on my progress.



The 17 Day Diet works if you work with it. I’ve started the 17th day diet journey February 11, 2013 after being fed up with being overweight, can’t fit my clothes, blood pressure out of control, lack of energy, always in pain. I decided after a friend of mine told me about this diet and how their family lost so much weight from reading and following the 17 day diet alone.

    wewightlostjourney                            2

                      Before                                                                                  After

 41125 This picture I took at work in my favorite place last week. I recently purchased the brown top wasn’t aware how it would look, to my amazement the it fits great, with a nice hang and not all extra tight.

yep me prettybrown usethis

The pictures above I enjoyed taking, especially the one with the white pants on. Normally my PHAT but didnt look nice in white, the white revealed too much PHAT, but now it’s looking good if I must say.

See I’m my own worst critic, I guess we all are, but I tend to talk about my body that I may change what I see.

hy jump 12

Again, these pictures were taken on Cycle 3 during the week of Mar 25 , 2013


This picture I took 4/2/13 feeling all sexy hmmmm looking good girl keep it up…


I didn’t believe that you could lose the weight so quick, but this diet proved me wrong. I lost 8 pound in four days. By day 17 I had lost 14 pounds, and I felt great. No more pain, no more lack of energy, I felt great and I wanted the world to know about this new change that affected my life. I started posting pictures on Facebook just to see what type of feedback I would get, at first there wasn’t much said. After Cycle 2 the middle of Cycle 3 people started sending me emails asking what I was doing and what was the name of the diet I was on. I gladly said “The 17th Day Diet” and sent them the link. So far 5-6 people have gone out and purchased the book and has joined on me on my weight loss journey.



Low Fat Taco  Salad

 Lunch Phase 2

This Recipe is my Low Fat Taco Salad it was great, lettuce, tomato, green chili, cilantro, green onion, white onion, low-fat mixed cheese, pace taco sauce


Lemon & Basil Green Beans and Lemon Loin Chops w/ Yams and Cinnamon

Dinner Phase 3




I since decided to create a YouTube channel sharing videos of my progress. My goal is to help other people who are serious about weight loss. I’ve been big all my life, and because I was overweight, I was teased and treated wrongly, but today I’ve regained my self-esteem by making the necessary steps and taking control of me, and not allowing my emotions to cause me to eat, or boredom to control how much I eat. I realized I eat to live and not live to eat. When I started changing my mindset it was easy for my body to follow.

This page is to encourage, give tips, recipes, share progress and discussed my life since this journey.  Enjoy



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    love your story and feeling inspired!

  2. Your story is very encouraging


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