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All about the 17 Day Diet


The 17th Day Diet Journey

Cycle One: Accelerate– Promotes rapid weight loss by improving digestive health. It helps to clear sugar from the blood to boost fat burning and fight againist fat storage

What are some of the advantages on “Accelerated Cycle?” – You will lose the most weight in this phase. You will have stamina and much more energy.  You will have a better since of what feeling healthy is, your well being will enhance.

What are the disadvantages on this cycle?  The constant running to the restroom, the urge to urinate is strong, don’t try to hold it you may have an accident.  Boredom with the same foods, no variety. Cycle one is tough, but if you make it through it you are home free. Yucky Green Tea will become your best friend soon. You’re only allowed to drink Green Tea and Water ONLY!

Tip: Excercise, though it’s recommended 17 minutes, shoot for 30 min it will make the world of difference. The Accelerated Cycle is the cycle you will see the MOST results, so make every second count.  You will be happy you did.

Cycle Two: Activate- Resets your metabolism through a strategy that involves increasing and decreasing your caloric consumption to stimulate fat burning and to help prevent plateaus.

What are some of the advantages on “Activate Cycle?” – You will lose weight in this phase, but not as much as you did in the previous cycle. you’re able to eat some carbs, like sweet potatoes (yummy) if you’re a red meat lover you can add flank steak, port tenderloin, and my favoroite lean ground beef. There’s a lot more additions in the book.

What are the disadvantages on this cycle?  You will have the typical on and off days in this cycle. You need to alternate between the Accelerate Cycle one day and the Activate Cycle another day. There’s no disadvantages, I will add please add some extra fiber into your diet, if not hmmm you will not be a happy camper…. LOL

Three: Acheive– To develop good eating habits through the re-introduction of additonal food and move you closer to your goal weight.

What are some of the advantages on “Acheive Cycle?” – Your weight loss will slow down a lot, the inches will continue to leave. The scale, hmph that’s another story, all I can say here is more exercise 45-60 minutes in order for you to continue dropping the weight. This cycle is great, more good food, and like the book says, you can stand and eat oppose to always preparing your food and sitting down to eat it. I love it!!

What are the disadvantages on this cycle?  If you don’t be mindful you can find yourself snacking a little more then you should on those little snacks that have Carbs and Sugar in it. The scale stays the same for days.. I hate this!!!

Cycle Four: Arrive- Although I suppose to start this cycle, I haven’t arrived at my goal weight, I’m planning to re-do the “Activate” Cycle. You have the option to do whichever cycle you want to stay in the fat burning game.

Good Luck to all of you!

Mz. Neicy


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